Save Me

Connect and continue
Pass on, pass away, give away, take away
The borders become heavier, thicker, fenced
As years go by and pain is imprinted
And love is gone missing
Stay inside the lines
Let my longing begin to
And make a softer mark
Reflecting my deserving heart
Spiral through the years
And take me back to the center
Where it all started
Crows eye black pinpoint
Slowly unravel and find
Web connecting freedom
A new direction
As my curves becomes bigger
Than the unwanted map
Push my way through
The dark and deep
And form my own shape
Outside the lines
Erase the dark
In color


12 thoughts on “Save Me

  1. Dear Wise Woman,

    So beautiful your words and composition. I am so thankful the world is still full of poets. Please keep writing and don’t ever give up your craft and continue to use your God given talents. So beautiful are your words.


    Liked by 1 person

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