Shower Smarts

That sweet daughter of mine… She is my sunshine and one of two people on the earth (the other being by son) that can make me laugh so hard I cry and my stomach hurts. I love that feeling so much! Last night we talked on the phone and I said, “This is how insane I am” and proceeded to tell her about some terrifying scenario I went through in my head while taking a shower. She started laughing and said, “Mom, that’s not insane, that shower talk. That’s when you are at your smartest point of the day.” The laughing began as she described how she came up with new recipes in the shower (she is a sous chef) and stated, “I’m all Einstein and E=mc2 solving equations up in that shit.” Later, she texted me a Reddit site called “shower thoughts” and told me, “It’s a thing.” I’m going hold on to the laughter as long as I can. Harness the power! And start taking more showers.

Shower Thoughts on Reddit

9 thoughts on “Shower Smarts

  1. I love this so much…I discovered you just before getting ready for work, so I’ll be brief…I love the way you communicate….you definitely have the soul of a poet, and a gift for engagement….thanks for “following” me….I’m “following” you, too….such a privilege 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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