you can’t see me

masks make-up mannequin mirror
tattoos tell a talismanic tapestry
hair color streaks shriek sacrosanct
black baggy hoody hint of hoodlum
ripped jeans reveal reverent rebel
laced up black boots bear barbaric bravery
dark eyes long lashes red lipstick ravishing
move or I’ll move you
a picture of palatial power
perfect protection
cosmetic costume
allusive armor
deceived distraction

you can’t see me

there is a chink
barely visible
you’ll miss it if you blink
it’s backbreaking breathtaking brutal
harried worried holding hard
to keep up appearances
before the banal battle wear begins to shed
revealing the reality ransacking inside
alone abysmal archaic outline
scarred scared shadowless shallow
dirty and disheveled
skeletal remains weathered and weak
vile vacancy reflecting vexed vulnerability
dying behind locked doors
curtains closed

you can’t see me


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