One and one make two

Those were the days

And nights of drinks and danger

Intoxicated inspired in-love

Speeding streets screaming sheets

Façade fading fast and furious

Sadist seeping into safe sanctuary

Invisible invasive insanity intrudes

Secretly sucking my breath

Pull the blinds blinding witness to you

Damning destruction of devotion

Desire domination devoid

Of one or two or three or four

Imprisoned in idolatrous idealization

Lost love longing for escape or saving

You suspect no one sees or hears

But the face of fear forgoes fortitude

Forgetting my ferociousness

Believing I believed in bondage

Walk away without last chances

Enchanted and enraged

By brutal beating of broken heart

Leaving you bleeding begging bewildered

Defeat and denial devastating dastard

Back to you alone abandoned one

And me standing stronger with the

Three and four

Walking out



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