In silence

Quality is never an accident
Secrets of the occult
Truth is all I’ve ever wanted
Master the art of observing

In silence

Fortress of solitude
I judged you more than a little
Your head popped off and wouldn’t reattach
Every time is the time
Take the reigns and oversee the whole thing

In silence

Hand picked from your local Wal-Mart
Hunt worms in the grass
Forage food and feast
Who here is willing to date themselves
You will never be the same again
It’s hilariously terrifying

In silence

Having to resort to this procedure more than once
Everyone is confused about the role of truth
Dive into the murky world
It’s been hiding in plain site all this time
Allowing other people’s perceptions to define us

In silence

The importance of being seen
That is what we are craving at the core
With hate crimes on the rise
Released to the winds of fate and good fortune
Causing destruction and instability
Screw over the poor, the sick and the old

In silence

Illness is not a competition
We deserve meaningful
You can’t trust everything you read
Spend your life wishing you had
Small tweaks tolerated behind closed doors
Ruled by a force that knows little about reality

In silence


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