Silent Destruction

Stylish and functional
Vacancy and happiness
Whilst having too much to drink
Causing you to get mugged
Ditch the generic
They like to work
In sterile environments
Reported missing
From years gone by
Open for business
If you’re in the market
Home security system sale
For the private and self-absorbed
Who only perpetuate the problem
Devoid of social consciousness
However righteous their intentions
Could this be the day
Ready for literal magic
Drowning in blood and tears
Intimately familiar with darkness and hidden places
Not afraid to dwell on the brink of madness
This is a marathon
Witness the future of injustice
You’ve been wrong your whole life
Sometimes people run away
They can’t take the reflection
Back to their own limitations
You are not told about this in the doctor’s office
As chilling details surface
Revealing damming information
DNA divulges a shocking discovery
This is not something to celebrate
Say it
Write it
Never become inured to it
There is a lurking killer inside all of us
Participate in a clinical trial
Capture a special moment
You’re just being dramatic
Ensuring the most basic needs
With more pockets than you could ever fill
Tough to put together
When you don’t know where to start
Learning more from pain
Than pleasure
Complexity holds you at bay
And the wheel goes round
Gently shakes you to the core
Forget about our twisted
The war within the war within the war
A poor broken human that needs repaired
Do you think you made the right decision
Early life feelings of imprisonment
Cause isolation
And calls you to surrender
I doubt I’m the only one
Loneliness is dangerous
Tragically addicting
Traces of impending disaster
Lie about the consequences of reality
Couldn’t find anyone to negotiate with
Loving yourself is not easy
I think I found the cure
Now I see the error of my ways
It was just a phase
No more world destroying
Reach out for what you cannot have
It’s not a head-trip
Shed the armor around your heart
This excruciating condition wreaks havoc
At a time when laughter is vital

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