Walk Away

~Walk away~

Straight ahead

Do not sway

Toddler tantrums

From old men

Who complain they

Have it worse

~Walk away~

Head pounding

Begging to burst

Pause for an instant

Long enough

For dust to settle

On my feet

In my nose

Better than stench

Of his rotting soul

~Walk away~

You call my name

Begging me to turn

Around and stay

Give in to the rage

It’s part of the game

We play every day

Abandoned in dry

Desert air

~Walk away~



From the one

Who loves but

Doesn’t really

Care taking second

Place to

The devil himself

Scar singed

Secret hope

Lingers there

~Walk away~

Remember you are

Sacrificed seed

She sold herself

For the millionth time

And owes him

Her life

But not mine

~Walk away~

Flailing and failing

Lobbing lies

Reach the finish line

And fling the fools

Into the fire

Of glowing geyser

I turn for the

Last lost time

Thankful tears

Clean dust



~Walk away~

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