Universal Unhealth

Wolves circle
Sacred space
Slave dump
The pendulum swings
What if I said what I should have said
If I tried to open the door
Love comes in many forms
A shape shifter
With a second skin
Dark matter
Ultra violet
In the trenches
You are a red flag
Waving a white flag
This is insanity
Massive redistribution
Of the stratosphere
Cheers from the sidelines
She refuses to wake up
Why so serious
It’s crimping my style
For the sake of sorrowful passion
Have mercy on us
Any last words
To the moon
Suffer in silence from hidden pain
Looks can be deceiving
It’s hard to see clear
When you’re always shaking
I accidentally killed someone
Healed with color
First steps in the prenatal journey
Validate the fact that I am crazy


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