This quote was originally from a NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) article for families and friends about healing after a loved one has died by suicide. Anyone who experiences death is going to go through a grieving process.

For those of us experiencing either mental illness and/or chronic illness, we are most likely aware that grief is a huge part of the process. We have lost a part of ourselves and along with that loss, comes the loss of the dream we had for our lives, our family and ourselves.

Yes, it is a different type of grief, but the process is the same. We are each going to experience it differently and at our own pace. The message in this quote seems simple, but can be an extremely daunting and frightening task. However, if we want to get out of the severe emotional pain that comes with chronic illness, we have to go through it.

We face huge hurdles in order to not only heal ourselves, but to also work towards ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and invisible illness. Whether we choose to seek therapy or medication or both, it’s critical that we accept grief as part of the process. It’s equally important that we avoid people who will cause us more damage and surround ourselves with people who can offer care, support and unconditional love.

*The original article can be found at NAMI



4 thoughts on “Grief

  1. I could really relate to this, and I’m so glad to have read your post. Even though I thought this a while ago, I don’t think I’ve ever properly ‘grieved’, especially for the loss of most of my 20s, my job, a love, and friendships. Wonderfully written.
    Caz x

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