And so it is Written

Faith and certainty are lost on me at the very least
Omission, fate, befuddlement, hate
Guarantee designation of a sad lot
Sacrificing me to scathing beasts
That is you and all that belong in your crew
Enough scars to bulge bookbinding
Tears wash and warp paper
This is not a work of fiction I tell
Misplaced on the shelf
You stabbed your feathered quill
Again and again
My heart is your inkwell
Blood red the chosen color
Your skin is contaminated and you
Never considered the dirt you let in
Permitting starving parasites
To eat away the pages of my story
Missing paragraphs and stanzas
Declaring my triumph and glory
Divulging secrets and sorrows
Death and devastation
A good read on the history of gallows

Surrendering my place
In dust covered bookcase
Memory mocks as I search for a chapter
Through cobwebs of poisonous spider
Staunchly guarding any reference
To instances of a life much lighter
Regurgitated in parasite intestine
And floating away in mote essence

Cleaving to an exquisite understanding
Of the depth of your deception
Dismissing your deploring demands
I desperately retrieve the translucent
Pieces and pages of paled parchment
Transcribing with cement and stone
My solo act of veracity
Consisting of coveted characters
And me alone
Titled with trust
Chiseled in truth
A cherished draft
Engrafted in rock and
Relinquished to a library
With no key



5 thoughts on “And so it is Written

    1. Thank you so much Rayne! This means the world to me, your kindness and the nomination! It’s wonderful to hear that at least one person likes my writing. I love the connections I am making here, there is so much support and encouragement. Thank you again ❤

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