Blog Award Post

I was nominated for the Blog-aholic award. The award is for bloggers who are creative, captivating and inspiring. A big THANK YOU to summerSHINES for nominating me! I'm humbled that even one person feels inspired by my blog! Post 3 interesting things about yourself and nominate 5-15 bloggers that you also find inspiring and include a … Continue reading Blog Award Post

Find Me

There is no quiet in the wicked night Where shadows are birthed Writhing through sleep shrouded eyes Rousing her into aphotic collection Impelled toward dark thorn forest Seizing her decrepit parody Limbs whip her pallid face A splatter of red Highlights her gaunt essence Believing hue can conceive dream Silently licking blood not blood From … Continue reading Find Me

Don’t Forget Me

From Mental Health Awareness; Grievers, Supporters and Survivors. There are many awesome things about Eeyore. He keeps plugging along despite his depression. When pieces of him fall off, he tacks or tapes them back on. He takes his time and doesn't pressure himself to keep up. He appreciates that he needs time alone and time with … Continue reading Don’t Forget Me

The Choice is Yours

Hmmm, well, no. Actually that is a mountain and medication… Shit is what you step in when you aren’t careful while walking around in nature. Shit is a biological process that helps eliminate waste from our system. Everyone poops… I think you get the picture. This meme showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday. Initially, … Continue reading The Choice is Yours