Straight to Hell

From the heavens
Came a baby
That wasn’t meant to be
A miracle, a blessing
A gift from the gods
While the gods smiled
Their task complete
Left her in hands
Of those meant to take
Forgetting that miracles
Need nourishment
And looking after
Selfish hands by nature
Forsaking nurture
For debts to the devil
Dropped the baby
And she fell
Straight to hell

While her body grew
Her soul withdrew
And stayed in the corner
To watch the tragedy
Played out day and night
She learned her existence
Meant nothing at all
Not worthy of saving
Her heart and soul
Turned blue and black
Fractured and torn
Donning the finest dress
Her visage spoke liveliness
Inside she was dead
Aching to be let go
She wore the colors well
Straight to hell

She accepted an invitation
Enchanted by promising trance
From witches
Tricksters and demons
Dancing in shadows
Exalting her acceptance
Into everlasting darkness
She reveled in a new tragedy
Disguised as heaven
In the shape of a pill
Granting her a new role
With scenes of happy endings
An evil subterfuge
That would be her prison
Hope cast as a spell
That sent her
Straight to hell

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