Don’t Forget Me

From Mental Health Awareness; Grievers, Supporters and Survivors.

There are many awesome things about Eeyore. He keeps plugging along despite his depression. When pieces of him fall off, he tacks or tapes them back on. He takes his time and doesn’t pressure himself to keep up. He appreciates that he needs time alone and time with friends. He goes out on adventures with his friends, even when he doesn’t quite feel up to it. He does a great job of taking care of himself and he is a fighter. Eeyore is my hero.

But, you know what I think the most awesome thing about Eeyore is? It’s his friends. All of them. They love him just the way he is. They encourage him to join them on their adventures. They remember to check on him on those blustery days. They help him tape or tack on any missing pieces. They go to him if he can’t go to them. They never give up on him and do their best to try to cheer him up. They wait for him if he can’t keep up. And, they never stop inviting him.

In fact, if you take a closer look at each character, they all have significant differences, however, none of those differences keep them from loving each other. Pooh is known as ‘the bear of very little brain’ but has a pretty smart outlook on life. Christopher Robin is compassionate and cheerful. Piglet is shy and fearful. Tigger is full of energy and the ‘trouble maker’ of the group. Kanga and Roo are welcoming, kind and nurturing. Owl is careful and wise. Rabbit is anxious and nervous.

I think we can be quite sure that Eeyore is depressed, but I’m left wondering if perhaps we are looking at characters with a variety of challenges… anxiety, ADHD, developmental delay? And there are some ‘normies’ in the mix too. I may be reading too much into it, but I’m going to anyway. In the end, however, it boils down to a lovely group of characters with many differences. And, that despite those differences, they stick together and show kindness and friendship within their challenges and fun adventures.  If only Winnie the Pooh were required reading for everyone in high school, college and beyond. I may just start handing out Winnie the Pooh books to people I come across. Watch out friends and family, you know what you’re getting for Christmas this year. Winnie the Pooh… I love you (and all of your little tribe).


Thank you A. A. Milne.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Me

  1. I remember watching Winnie the Pooh on our DVD player with my brother!! We especially loved the episode in which Pooh and Piglet help Eeyore to build a house in the winter!! Now that I think of it…he really was an inspiring character! Thanks for giving me a whole new perspective!!
    Would love if you checked out my blog!
    Thanks a ton!

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  2. I love Winnie the Pooh and often think Winnie is the smartest of the bunch. There’s a lovely little book called the Tao of Pooh. Pooh’s Way as Benjamin Hoff brilliantly demonstrates, seems strangely close to the principles of Taoism. xxx

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    1. Yes, love that book! It’s interesting, from the small bit of research that I did, A A Milne apparently didn’t like that he is most famous for Winnie the Pooh. I’ve never read any of his other books but might take a look to see how it compares.

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  3. Must admit I was never much of a Winnie fan but this made for interesting reading. We definitely see deeper in to characters and storylines with age, though perhaps absorb some elements subconsciously when we’re younger.x

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    1. I actually don’t think I watched it when I was a kid. My kids watched it a lot! It was one of the few ‘mom approved’ shows and I didn’t see it in the same way then… But over the years I’ve come to love it even more because of the positive message it sends ❤


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