My Loves. Where Have you Gone?

Little pig, little pig, let me in.
My house is built from straw
The foundation is flawed
I constructed a moat
For added protection I hope
With no trouble at all
A simple swipe of your claw
I’m helpless prey
And scramble to get away
But trickery as usual
Left a sinkhole about
Then I fell
Grabbing at stone walls
Emancipating rocks
Dirt filling my nails
Roots poking at my eyes
Landing on piles of bones
Covered in loosened dirt and stones
Spider webs, maggots, bugs wondering
Why this new addition to our lovely home
The wolf stands laughing
Cares less of his lost meal
Concerned more for adding
To my hopeless ordeal
He kicks in extra debris
Trotting away with a snort

I was born broken
And grew shabbily constructed
To keep my costume looking fine
In case anyone should see me
I keep it in line
If I get out of here alive
My adornments are ruined
And surely all will say
The pit I crawled out of
Is where I should stay

I sit in the pit
Crying endlessly
Sun comes and goes
Suddenly marked with a shadow I know
My loves, my loves, my loves
Have found me
Ladder in tow
My heart flutters safe and rescued
Come down and help me
Stand behind me and push
Remember I’m weak
I’ve been trapped for a long time

Oh but that looks too deep
I think it best we keep watch
And cheer you from here
My heart sinks slightly
My head drops lightly
But of course I agree
How selfish of me
Step by step
Careful not to miss
A few rungs of the ladder
Mastered with strain
That’s all I could muster
The ladder gives way

I think I lost an arm
Possibly a leg
I’m sure this severed artery
Will heal on it’s own
Loves, loves, loves
I scream
It’s not working I beg
I need more than you offer
Bewildered faces
Gawk down with no bid

I’m closer to the edge
Light peeking in
I’m sure if you try
Form a human chain
Your hands would be more
Than enough to cover
The distance between
Victim of faulty foundation
And wolves in the night
So I steady myself
Enough strength for a do over
I look down for a moment
To gain the right traction
Only to look up
And find my loves missing

Dust in the air
Left by their flight
For they have not the endurance
To save one of their loves
Or help her through
One more fight
My loves, my loves, my loves
Sit safely in houses
Built with brick
From their hearts
Leaving me sick
To stay in the pit

Pass time waiting
For the hole to fill in
With enough wind strewn detritus
And give me boost
Slightly closer each day
To saving myself
And my loves, my loves, my loves
My clothes may be dirty
Torn and frayed
They won’t hide my truth
And I won’t be coming your way.

9 thoughts on “My Loves. Where Have you Gone?

        1. And please feel free to share. I’m dedicated to helping end the stigma surrounding mental illness and hope to connect with others who are experiencing similar circumstances. We need to speak and be heard. ❤

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              1. It’s my bedtime here but I’ll have a think over the next few days. ..I am a busy person doing don’t like to over promise things, but it’s mentally on my list 😊

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