The Holy Dwells in Dark Places

(Prompt from Suzi Banks Baum @


When you lie in the dark

Through sunset and sunrise

Chalk ticks on the walls

Marking time in your cell

As if there would be an end

Or that moments matter

Forced into solitude

Not by choice or free will

Your only comrades

The devils on guard


Give it time my dear

Settle in to your corner

Let the darkness sink in

It’s there to remind you

Of wonders unknown

Your eyes will adjust

You will begin to see

Dust motes swim aimlessly

Slivers of light slice the air

It’s just the beginning

Of more beauty near

It’s you opening up

Beginning to see

The darkness holds gifts

Obscure and remarkable


Prayers of gratitude

For years eclipsed

Thanks given for blessings

Of light amplified

Ever in your debt

For without the years spent

Behind bars of deception

The beauty of the minuscule

Would remain invisible

From the dungeons of fear

Authenticity creeps out

Full of light, even in the night

I am my own God

I am the Holy

I pray to her

To keep the candles burning

Lead me to the light immortal

With allowances for longer chains

Reminding me I’m still anchored

To the murkiest of cells

Afforded a reprieve

To explore new found glow


Within the light

Enough beauty exists

To keep me hoping

For now I can see

Flowers, rivers, trees

Moss, grass, earth

Worms, bees, food

Animals, soft fur, strong wings

Breezes scented lavender and rose

Sun brightening, warming and glowing

Rain cleaning, cooling and quenching

Sky bright, rainbows, stars and moonlight

The love of my tribe

The kindness in my heart


Today I kneel down

Thankful for the prison of mine

It’s granted me favor

Greater than all the gold in the sea

I won’t be shackled, I’ve broken free

I’m going to pause, take time to devour

The marvelous and enchanting

To run my hands over the trunk

Of the softest madrone tree

And look closely at the complexity

Of burgeoning flora

My heart, my eyes, my ears, my being

Are opened against imprisonment

Sensitive to all beauty, intensified

That is the Holy

That dwells in the darkness

With me

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