Devilish World

The vow of silence is my crux

I don the invisibility cloak

I can no longer endure

And must not be seen

I am a squatter

My duty to take leave

I can no longer see

Prospect for respite

Granting its proximity

My attempts to subsist

In a realm of deception

Futile to persist


Though I grew from the earth

Dirt blurring my sight

A seed planted deep

That dreamed to flower

Desired to be part

To belong and bloom

Dragging myself up

More than once

In order to seize

The vision hallowed

Reserved for the lucky

With each attempt to uplift

Met with a crushing blow

Beating me back down

With no promise at all

No matter the direction

It’s one step ahead

The wicked does not defer


A necklace of bones

Wrung tightly bout my neck

Slams my fragile being

Against the realm’s wall

Lest I forget

I’m not worthy of this world

Insignificant debris

My viscera drained dry

My strength a shadow

Twisted black stains

Slightly resembling

My earthly remains

Spare bones scattered

Disintegrating and decomposing

Transforming to earth

From whence I emerged

Rain will wash away

The scraps that linger

From my rotting body

No flowers shall bloom

Absent vital requisite

There is no room

My silence beholden

My absence glossed over

Stay away from the wishes

They partner with devils



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