We see

We are the sane ones


The truth seers

The rest live lives

With schedules to keep

Appointments to make

Work to complete

Meals to fix

Houses to clean


Unable to see

The reality of the world

We share

Your vision is limited

A full set of armor

Shields the truth


We see

We hear

We feel

We are aware

Of this ghastly existence

Intensified by demons

Invisible to you

We can’t close our eyes

Or cover our ears

Our armor is broken

Cracked and breached

A liability of sorts

Years of torment

Piercing our souls

Fueling the flames

In the day

In the night

In wakefulness

In dreams


We see

The troubles you carry

Ordinary in comparison

We bear the generic

But without the armor

You unknowingly adorn

Making our burden

Much heavier than yours


We see

Scores of demons

Living inside and out

Imperceptible to the sheltered

Engulfing unguarded souls

Surviving since birth

Bruised and broken

A million times over

Defeating the common

Outlasting the vile

Our eyes open wide

This burden likewise

A gift we sacredly hold

Despite it’s unbearable weight

You are forever shaded

Powerless to see

The glorious sun

That shines through

Our crumbling armor


We are the sane ones

We see

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