I told you all my secrets. Secrets tightly locked away, the key hidden just below the surface, barely visible through my smile.

Pledges made, secrets revealed, you promised to help me hold myself up.

Lies hidden under your surface, barely visible through your smile.

I reach for your hand, freely given with vows, our fingertips touch, I can almost grasp hold.

But you, you glimpsed. You saw too much, reflecting back your image, not mine.

Stop, a flash, a picture taken. You blink, your eyes open, the image distorted, disfigured, deceiving.

Quickly, silently, invisibly, your hand is gone.

I stretch farther, it must be there, where have you gone, you were just right here.

No. A flit, you are gone. I am alone. Naked, shivering, afraid.  Another casualty, charmed by sacred bond, fooled by feigned word.

You turned off the light. And left me in the night. Holding my unwieldy secrets.

My key. I want my key back.


My eyes are swollen shut, my heart is broken, splintered.

A million tiny pieces, sharp, piercing my skin from the inside out.

You made me carry more, without asking permission, without warning of the gravity.

You piled on bricks, one by one. But I let you.

Helplessly, alone, bearing the weight.

You leave me bleeding, drops in the dirt.

My path is marked, but you turn away.

My eyes are swollen shut, I can’t find my way.

My heart is shattered, cracks left in my skin, seeping red.

Add to my scars.


Stumbling through the darkness, tink tink tink, pieces of me fall to the ground.

I follow the freshly wet earth, raw with my own blood, desperate the path is not an illusion.


Landing into warmth, wrapped strong in love.

He holds my trembling remains, gently kissing my wounds.

My blood stained path did not deceive me. I can see. I am home. I am loved.


Despite my fresh wounds,

Despite my blood stains,

Despite my swollen eyes,

Despite my broken heart,

Despite my scars.

~till I Collapse~

8 thoughts on “Promises

    1. Wow!! Thank you, that means A LOT to me!! I really like that one too because there is so much truth and tremendous pain behind it. I’m smiling right now though, because that compliment means more to me than you know. Thank you, thank you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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