Does that Make me Crazy?

Sharing another music video that I like (despite the use of the word "crazy" and the negative connotations attached to it). I especially like that Gnarls is questioning who the crazy one really is...  And that maybe we all are. A topic I have written about in a previous post entitled "See" (please feel free … Continue reading Does that Make me Crazy?

Lessons From my Dog

I just picked up my dog to help her to the couch. Her reaction to me is the same, every day, every time. She turns her back to me, hunches herself up, and puts her head down. Her reaction, it breaks my heart. It’s as if she is expecting me to hit her, hurt her, … Continue reading Lessons From my Dog

I Want the Days Back

I want the days back   The days that were pure When happiness was simple and clear When nothing else mattered No darkness could find its way Rainbows and sunshine Too bright for any thing but light Days filled with babies Everything shining brand new Cuddles and gentle kisses Tickles and raspberries Crayons and glue … Continue reading I Want the Days Back

The Holy Dwells in Dark Places

(Prompt from Suzi Banks Baum @   When you lie in the dark Through sunset and sunrise Chalk ticks on the walls Marking time in your cell As if there would be an end Or that moments matter Forced into solitude Not by choice or free will Your only comrades The devils on guard … Continue reading The Holy Dwells in Dark Places