Bobo Doll-Aurora Phoenix

Originally posted on Whisper and the Roar:
Sucker punched, she is flattened smashed to the pavement time and time again. Leaden-hearted yet buoyant she rights herself painted with plasticine smile. Returns to proscribed place submits to sanctioned crushing anew. ? Behind the mask she wonders when will she be permitted to stand her ground assert…

Swear To Me now on sale (Pre-order only)

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Preorder now! Swear to Me is now available for pre-order through FVR on Shopify. Both the Standard and limited run Deluxe edition (available until December 31, 2017 or while supplies last) can be pre-ordered. The Deluxe Edition contains five additional poems, including the previously published “Homeward Legend”, as well…


I see her body from afar Facedown on a mountainside Head pointing to the river below She rises, stiff as a board, frozen Or dead, who lifted her, unsaid Outlined, illuminated in flame Undead Thawed Where are we going and why do we have to go so far? The look on your face first thing…… Continue reading Lucid

Deadline Extension: Fall Writing Prompt Challenge: “You were meant to know the night”

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So I am pretty bummed out that so far I have only received three submissions to the “You were meant to know the night” Writing Prompt Challenge.  I am hoping that extending the deadline another week may bring encourage a couple more of you to take part.  I hate…