A Song With Many Voices: All the Lonely People

Originally posted on Blood Into Ink:
I have always been here, among the lonely people. Despite having people around me, my battles exist within my head and body. To you, I may look normal, but on the inside is a scene entirely different. My constant companions are sadness, frustration, exhaustion — even a fortified fortress…

Book Release: Magpie in August & Constant Muses- Kindra M. Austin

Originally posted on A Global Divergent Literary Collective:
Sudden Denouement is proud to spread the word that Kindra M. Austin’s Books Magpie in August & Constant Muses are available for purchase. Constant Muses, a collection of poems and prose, is available at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for Kindle, and in paperback. ©Kindra M. Austin/Cover Art by Allane Sinclair ? Magpie in…


Birthed into flames Neonatal neurosis Suckled on psychosis Face streaked black Chocking on ash Back against the wall Tucked into crumbling Child’s memory Tell me lies of Wind in my hair Swinging From a tree Once anchored Now singed As my heart Rotten roots Fight for life Never ends Home sweet home Gorged with grief…… Continue reading Arsonist