David Lohrey’s Machiavelli’s Backyard

Originally posted on A Forum for Divergent Literature:
Sudden Denouement Publishing is excited to announce David Lohrey’s collection of poetry Machiavelli’s Backyard. Lohrey’s poetry is rife with dark humor, biting social satire, and paralyzing honesty. His work illustrates that now more than ever, in a world overrun with vapid pop culture, shortened attention spans, and…

Paint the Snow Pink

There is a pain in living For those devoured With awareness We are buried Under frozen ponds Murky muddied memories Where wicked absconds Desperately holding on To waning sun In for the long run Exploring depth Of clouded breath This feeling isn’t new Existing in pulses Ripples and surges Repulsive Reflection Of what I am…… Continue reading Paint the Snow Pink

You are the Worst

For weeks now I’ve walked through every scenario Worst-case, of course What you might say or do How I would respond To make you hurt As much as I do I was ready How could I have left this one out? I should have known You and your fucked up thinking I want a do-over…… Continue reading You are the Worst

Introducing A.G. Diedericks – There’s No Dawn Where We Live

Originally posted on A Forum for Divergent Literature:
There’s no dawn where we live. I watch as you step inside my soul,  scavenging for a candle holder, accompanied by an indefatigable passion to touch this purely decorative heart. In my hands I caress your ethereal skin, freckled with my scars. On your lips, I turn…

Bellyful – Kindra M. Austin

Originally posted on A Forum for Divergent Literature:
Excuse my protrusion; I suffer intrusion of demons mine, and yours forced between my teeth. I masticate while you masturbate; fun to watch me swallow, innit? Pour a stiff drink, something acetic acid— make my stomach into plastic lined landfill, non-biodegradable. I’ll die bloated with a bellyful…